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Flamenco Pasión is a Top UK Flamenco Dance Company and Dance Agency. Leading flamenco agent.
We are a dedicated specialist flamenco agency, staffed by professional flamenco artists (flamenco dancers, Spanish guitarists and other flamenco musicians)
and draw on our own performing experience to bring you some of the best
and most authentic flamenco performances available in the UK.

Videos of Sandra La Espuelita Flamenco Dancer in flamenco shows and performances with top UK Flamenco Group and flamenco agents Flamenco Pasion. Professional Flamenco Shows and Spanish Dancing can be arranged at venues across the UK and Europe. Sandra La Espuelita also takes Flamenco Classes for adults and children in London and Essex UK.



These are just short samples demonstrating of the kind of quality you can expect from our Flamenco Agency. There are more comprehensive showreels, galleries and testimonials in the media section of the main site at: Flamenco London media